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Custom made titanium and stainless steel racing bicycles
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Custom made titanium and stainless steel racing bicycles.

Handcrafted in Florence, Italy.

Our company was born out of the desire to land simplicity, substance and performance to resonate along the same frequency.

Our frames are crafted from the bottom up, one at a time, and uniquely designed on each rider. We do not carry stock sizes or have spefific models with catchy names. The reason is simple: every frame is unique. We do not have marketing campaigns or sales goals to reach every month. We build bicylces for the sake of it, to purely craft the best performing high quality bikes available, always keeping in mind the most imoportant things: geometry, accurate construction process, ride quality, trust relationship between us and our clients.


All the pratical aspects of the craft, from machining to welding, are uniquely made by me, Francesco.

Learning the craft from the bottom up, it has been a long journey. Shipyards welders, metal workers, blacksmiths are an important part of this journey. Working among them challenged me and made me gain the priceless skill to look the same thing from different prospectives.

Years passed and, as they say, when you are ready the master will appear: finally i had the possibilty to work side by side with one of the oldest italian framebuilders. Day by day, year by year, he teached me the right way of doing things, to switch, in a second moment, to his own way of doing things. The real old school.

Now i build in my own way: geometry design, materials choice, accuracy of the building process and performance are the cornerstones of this way.

If you want to know anything else, just ask.


Our frames are made solely in our workshop in Florence, Italy.

We uniquely use top quality 3Al/2.5V aerospace grade 9 tubing for our titanium bikes while our steel bicycles are a blend from Columbus, Reynolds and Dedacciai.

Every bike is all custom. You will not find stock sizes or specific built kits here.

Building a custom bike is not just about choosing a questionable paint scheme. Our bikes are designed over the unique desires and body dimensions of each rider, his riding style, his own story, his own goals. We take the time to get to know each client to understand what kind of geometry, materials and components will suit them the best.

As a client, you will be one hundread percent involved in the process of building your dream bike.


We do not have a prices list on our website because, again, everything is custom and prices vary a lot. Get in touch and we we’ll give a general price range for the kind of bicycle you are looking for.

The first step the order a custom bike is to contact us and tell us about yourself and what kind of bicycle you want. Getting to know you as a person is very usefull in creating your dream bike.

The process of creating a custom bike is highly interactive, so get ready to be asked a lot of questions.

We will discuss your current ride setup and talk about a live biomechanical visit among one of our trusted biomechanical fitting center. 

If you are far away you will receive a fitment sheet that will need to be filled in. We will study it with our trusted fitter, who can boast decades of experience in the professional cycling word, to get to you the best custom fit.

We’ll then create a bicycle drawing using a CAD design software and discuss drawing, components and materials with you before starting the real building process.

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Costrini Cycles

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